Sunday, July 24, 2011

Next NoSQL Meetup: Real time processing with In-Memory-Data-Grid and NoSQL

The NoSQL NYC Meetup has been enjoying quite a year.  Great talks from all spectrums of the NoSQL world: document stores, graph databases, key-value stores, you name it. What I have learned from all these talks is that nothing wows a crowd more than a live demo.  Marko Rodriguez's demonstation of Gremlin using OpenRDF Sail data not even on his computer was particularly fascinating.

That is why I am excited to see what Shay Hassidim from GigaSpaces brings this week. He is promising live demos working with big data. The type of data that makes NoSQL systems a necessity and not merely a premature optimization.  The talk will cover data access patterns, MapReduce, Cassandra, and MongoDB.

If you are in New York City, stop by!

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